Model Request Area

Welcome in Tado Hmn™ general support area where you can ask questions related to general means. Before processing into form bellow, please make sure that you read these lines carefully and understand them properly. Model extraction is currently possible only from XBOX 360's version of Forza series. Please note, that not all models available in XBOX One's version of the same game is available in XBOX 360's version! So before processing, make sure you request model available in XBOX 360's version of the game. YouTube videos showing all cars in the game are handy source to check model availability.

You CAN request vehicles through form bellow when:

Requested vehicle exists in the game;
Requested vehicle availability is verified;
You know exact year of production, manufacturer and model name.

This is list of things you CAN NOT request/do through form bellow:

 Requesting vehicles not available in Forza games;

 Requesting vehicles already extracted (except reextraction from newer Forza game);
 Requesting vehicles often / spamming;
 Requesting more than 2 vehicles per day;
 Posting other things not related to model extraction.

Model Request Area