General Support Area

Welcome in Tado Hmn™ general support area where you can ask questions related to general means. Before processing into form bellow, please make sure that you read these lines carefully and understand them properly. 

This is list of areas you CAN ask through form bellow:

Questions related to workflow with models downloaded from this website;

 Questions about diffuse textures, alphas transparency of models downloaded from this website;
Questions about working with data settings located in data.txt from downloaded archives;
Questions about terms of use of models and copyright issues;
General questions or reporting an issues with website functionality (dead links, bad redirects etc.);
Questions about advertising website and services providing image and file hosting.

This is list of areas you CAN NOT ask through form bellow:

 Requesting model extraction, use Request a model instead;
 Requesting other models not related to Tado Hmn™ activity (please, make the ....);
 Reporting model's broken links, missing content and similiar, use Report a model instead;
 Asking for answers already answered in Frequently Asked Questions;
 Asking any questions not related to Tado Hmn™ activity.


General Support