Frequently Asked Questions

I can't download the files, why?

To download the models from this website, it's necessary to pass through a free advertising site called Therefore, make sure that your computer does not contain any programs that might affect this page (adblock or similiar). Just wait five seconds click "skip ad", wait 5 seconds and download window appear. If the link to model is broken, please fill the form in "Report" section under "Downloads".

How can I open .z3d files?

Z3d files are the main storage format of program Zmodeler 2. At present there are no other programs that are able to open or convert this format into another format. These files can be opened only with ZModeler 2 program, available for free download at the Download section.

I can't open .z3d files, why?

This problem may occur when archiving file and is caused by author of the extraction. The second variant may be that your Zmodeler 2 is outdated. If you are sure that you have the correct version of the program, please fill out the Report form found under "Downloads".

I requested an vehicle, but it isn't here, why?

This is because the administrator has not added this model yet. The model may be in phase of preparation, was rejected or has not been processed yet. In the case that your model has not been processed within 2 weeks, please request the model again. Please respect that the administrator is not a robot, can not handle and transfer all your requirements. For spam or frequently requesting incorrect models and more than two request per day threatens ban of e-mail address, before requesting the model, make sure that this particular model is in the game that you chose.